Kancol International is part of an educational services consortium dedicated to providing quality educational services to learners from around the world. Our consortium includes Mulli High School Est 1976, The European Business University (ebulux.lu) and Kanta College. a tertiary institution offering Diploma and Certificate courses.


We keep our class sizes deliberately small and utilize state of the art technology to create a learning environment that ensures one on one attention to each student significantly improving learning outcomes. Each class has a maximum of 7 learners at any given time. Once the class fills up, we create a new space to accommodate the overflow. This ensures that each student receives the individualized attention they need to succeed.


Kanta International partners with only the most experienced and credentialed Teachers to ensure subject mastery and excellent instructional skills.


Kanta International maintains a substantial online library of resources consisting of learning objects, videos, interactive quizzes, and games that keep the students engaged and learning continually.


In addition, we keep our tuition fees deliberately low to provide accessibility to a world class education that does not impoverish our parents. We look forward to meeting with you in-person or online and to guiding your child in this crucial step in their education.